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Emy segrade på Kjula dragway

Efter en varm helg stod Emy Tegnemo som segrare i JR klassen. Casper blev tyvärr utslagen i 1/8 finalen. Stort grattis till Emy och vi är övertygade om att dessa 2 juniorer fortsätter prestera bra återstående tävlingar.

Emy segrade på Kjula dragway

Malmö test 20150802 Äntligen lossnade det för team Ljungdahl racing

Säsongen har varit lätt besvärande minst sagt. Malmö började lika men efter korrigeringar av chassie & elektroniken så funkade allt för oss :-)


New Driver

Emy Tegnemo join Ljungdahlracing this season. Emy is going to drive a modified Jr Dragster and now we have 2 Jr Dragsters in our team.

We all really looking forward to this season with one Pro Stock and two Jr Dragsters. This is Emy’s first year in a new built Modified Jr Dragster and she really looking forward to the first race.

Welcome Emy to the team.

New Driver

New sponsors for 2015

Winter is here and preparation is in progress for FIA European Championship 2015.

We have a lot of new stuff in our car that are being installed at the moment. Last week we did some electrical job on the car. In a couple of weeks we are gathering the whole team during a weekend to speed up the work up.
We have done some work on our website as well and Bengt found some time to get new sponsors, welcome to Ljungdahl Racing.

Our sponsors for 2015 season are:
Lindgren Bil
Safety Alarm
Värmdö Gummiservice/Däck Partner

And I can give you our planned races this year. 

New sponsors for 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year.
We have a lot to do with the car before the season starts and everything is coming together. 
But now we just celebrating Christmas and New Year.
Take care everyone.


5 months

It’s 5 months left before the first test weekend and we are working on the car to get it ready.

A lot of new parts are going in to the car. In December we are going to work all weekend and all of the crew will attend to this. We hope to get a lot of work done and to be almost race ready.

We don’t have any new information about next season and I know you all knows about the if’s.
I can tell you one thing and that is that we are going to race a lot next year and with new parts and a lot of goodies so we are on the right way.

5 months

Varmdo Gummiservice AB

We would like to present a new sponsor for 2015.
Värmdö Gummiservice have been active for over 30 years and the latest education and equipment. They are a complete tire shop that works with everything from small tiers to big tiers such as trucks and trailers.

Welcome to Ljungdahl Racing we are looking forward to working with you.

Varmdo Gummiservice AB

Season 2014

Season is over and it didn’t went as we had hoped for but in the end we have learned a lot this year and next year we need to improve and we need the results.

A couple of changes will be made to the car and a new engine is already bought, we are making a couple of changes to our team as well with some new faces but I’m going to present everyone of us during this winter.

Casper had a great year and won Pistonhead Open series. It were 5 races and he won 2 of them. He also raced as only Swedish kid in Jr/Dragster at Alastaro and I think he did a great job. Paul is going to work with him next year as well and we hope he can improve next year.

As I wrote during this winter you all will get to know our team, who are we??

And mayby we have some new sponsors ;) Stay Tuned

Season 2014

Turtle Wax Internationals

Back home from Tierp and a weekend filled with challenges. We had a new engine in for this race and we didn’t found any good setup for it. In the first and second Q we fried the clutch and the car went left.

After the first Q we set the clutch more aggressive and it didn’t help at all. To our third Q we set the clutch a bit harder and changed a couple of things in the rear end and the car left straight like an arrow but the clutch didn’t do what we wanted it to do. To our fourth Q we changed the clutch a lot and we were confidence that the car should go down the track but when we were called out the rain started and the race were called off.
Bad for us but we learned a lot this weekend and next race is at Kjula in the end of September.

Our sponsor MEAB came to the track on Saturday with employs and customers. MEAB got to see everything and when they came we had breakfast ready for them and then lunch and a lots of activities all day long. Thank you MEAB and hope to see you all next year.

Fotograf: Patrik Jacobsson


Kjula Pistonhead Open 4

Last weekend we were at Kjula and tested a couple of things before the FIA European Championship at Tierp Arena.

We talked about going to Hockenheim and we did the right decision and went to Kjula.
The weather at Kjula were really good and before the race we changed a couple of things with the chassis and clutch because the car went left.

We had problem with tire shake the first two rounds and tried to change the chassis a little bit more and had a soft setup.
We planned to drive only 201m (660ft) and the car left the line pretty good 1.08sek to 60ft. The track weren’t that good as we hoped for but we did our best and had 4.61 at 201m.
We got the car ready for our fourth run that day and in the burnout the car died...

Casper did a great job at Kjula and ended up in fourth place in the Q.
He won the first round against Jacob Pripp but lost the second against Theodor.

Stay tuned for more news in a couple of days… 


First Tierp 2014

This weekend Bengt and Casper are racing at Tierp. It’s the first race of the year at Tierp Arena and a new owner.

Bengt is racing his Camaro for the first time this year in Stock/SuperStock and Casper with his JR-Dragster.
After Alastaro we had some work to do on the GTO and we are almost finished with it just some paint and gearbox work left and if we don’t run in to anything we are going to race in Pro Stock at Tierp late in August.

I have seen some pictures and videos of the track at Tierp and it looks really good and I think we might see some good numbers from many teams this weekend.
This weekend Bengt is going with his family to Tierp but Danne is driving up on Saturday.

You are all welcome to our pit and yes we have T-shirts with us.

Next race with the GTO is at Kjula 9-10 August.

First Tierp 2014
First Tierp 2014

FHRA Nitro Nationals

We are finally home from Alastaro and it wasn’t our weekend but we learned a lot from it. 

When we arrived we noticed that the track wasn’t in good shape, but we were hopeful about it anyway. Sad and done we tuned the car for the track or we thought we tuned it for the track but we overpowered it and smoked the tires right of the starting-line. 

When we came back the gearbox was stuck in the clutch and we couldn’t get it out so we missed the second Q. We worked hard that day and late in to the night, at 3 in the morning the car was ready. We came to the line-up and noticed that our air tank was empty, Bengt took it out and Paul ran off to fill it. We managed to get it sorted out and started the car.

About half track the car started to drift to the left and hit the wall. When we picked up Bengt we saw that it was only some scratches on it so no worries there.
We tuned the car soft to the 4th Q and we hoped that the car made it down the track this time but in the burnout the car died. Back in the pit the car started as usual and that was our weekend.

We have learned a lot from this, we are coming back.

FHRA Nitro Nationals

New Sponsor

Today we welcome Lindgren Bil as our new VIP sponsor.
We looking forward to work with you.

Here you have a text in Swedish:
Idag kan Ljungdahlracing presentera en ny VIP sponsor.

Lindgren Bil har valt att sponsra oss och vi välkomnar dom och ser fram emot samarbetet.

Lindgren Bil erbjuder ett brett och komplett utbud av bilar. Oavsett om det är till företag eller en bil för privat bruk så kan Lindgren Bil möta dina önskemål. I den stora ljusa bilhallen hittar du japanska och tyska bilar av erkänt hög kvalitet. Både Nissans och Opels modellprogram rymmer innovativa modeller i olika storlekar. Båda bilmärkena utvecklas kontinuerligt och därför kan Lindgren Bil alltid erbjuda spännande modeller.

New Sponsor

Casper won and Bengt got his license

The first license run Bengt just had to stage the car and roll down the track. In the second run Bengt had to do a burnout and go 660feet (201meters) and he did, 1.04 seconds to 60foot and 4.8 seconds to 660foot.
In the third run Bengt had to run a full pass 1320feet (402meters) and he did that as well but not as good numbers we hoped for.
I heard on the radio that the engine lost power when Bengt shifted to 5th gear and he pulled the chutes.
We were happy that Bengt got his license and at the same time worried about the engine. After we picked up Bengt and arrived to the pits we saw that we had problems with the engine, we tried to work something out in the pits but didn’t had the parts to fix it.
We started to take the engine apart after we unloaded it and saw that the damage weren’t too big. The engine should be ready in a couple of days from now so we aren’t worried at all.

Casper had an awesome weekend at Kjula.
Here is the story from the beginning.
I have worked with Casper for over a year now and it didn’t started that well last year, with an injured hand and Casper weren’t focusing enough but I won his trust and the hard work begun. After just a couple of races I noticed that he was focusing and results became better and better.

Now this weekend we had a solo in the first run. In the second round he was up against Emy Tegnemo that had beaten Balder Poolsar and Emy is hard to meet but Casper did everything right and won. In the finals he was up against Atle Poolsar.
A couple of minutes before the race Casper said to me “It doesn’t matter if I lose because I am going home with at least a silver” and this is what a love about these kids.
Casper did everything right this weekend and won the finals. I am really proud of him and I know that he will win more races and be in the top of JR Dragster in Sweden.

Casper won and Bengt got his license

First Burnout

Today we started our Pro Stock for the first time.

We all looked forward to this day as one of our steps. The engine is done and is in the car and we have for a couple of days worked with the last bits and pieces.

Tomorrow we are starting it up again after we changed a couple of things and hopefully we can try it on the ground.

Later this week we must load the car and go to Kjula where Bengt will drive for his license.

Here is a video of the burnout.

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