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New Engine and Jr Dragster

We got our new engine and put it in the dyno and here is the outcome of it.

But we didn’t get the result we wanted and found a gasket that wasn’t whole, we have ordered a new and it should be home in a couple of days.

After we changed the gasket the engine is going in the dyno again and we really hope we get what we want. 
Our plan is to drive for license at the end of May here in Kjula.

This weekend we are at Kjula with Caspers JR Dragster, we made some changes to it after Lindesberg and I think we are on the right way with it. It’s a rainy day today but at the moment there is no rain but very cloudy.


T-Shirts are home

Yesterday our t-shirts came.
We are really pleased with GlassicGraphiX and the work of Scott Bathurst. Today I have started to send out all orders we received and you should have your t-shirts tomorrow or on Monday. You can of course buy t-shirts from us at the track this weekend in Kjula (Cash only).

Tomorrow we are heading to Kjula with the Camaro and JR Dragster. We are really looking forward to the first race of the year.

Our Pro Stock engine is finished in the dyno and now the engine is taken apart, we need to see if everything is okay with it.

Follow us at or come to Kjula this weekend.

T-Shirts are home

No pro stock at kjula

We will not be able to make it to Kjula next week with our Pontiac it’s just too much work with the engine.
The last couple of month we have worked almost every day in the garage and it feels quite sad to say this.

But we will still race in Kjula next week with our Stock and Casper’s Junior Dragster.
We want to make everything right before we race with our new car and it’s no need to rush. It's just a couple of weeks away before we race with our Pontiac, we are aiming for next Kjula in the end of May.

We work with the engine everyday until it’s ready to go in the car and video from the dyno and first start of the car will of course reach everybody.
Tomorrow we are going back to our engine specialist and continue working.

No pro stock at kjula
Soon our Pro Stock engine is ready.
No pro stock at kjula
Awsome picture from JPLfoto last year at Kjula

Caspers Premiere

Today our season started, we went to Lindesberg today for a Test’n Tune with Caspers Jr-Dragster.
Last season Casper’s best time were 14,74sec, with new engine and clutch we hoped to be a bit faster than that.

We arrived early at the track and unloaded the dragster. We started working with it immediately and went through everything just to be on the safe side.
After the first run we saw that our changes were for the good, maybe too good.
Every run that Casper made might be a bit fast for him, in the first run he went 12,60sec and that is 0.3sec under classindex. We tried to make it slow down but the air and the track just improved and our best run today were 12,2177sec 83,36km/h 51,79mph.

Casper is really happy that his dragster goes faster than last year, but we have some work to do before the next race. 

Thanks Balder Poolsaar for your help today.

Caspers Premiere
Loading the dragster and Casper is really excited
Caspers Premiere
Capser and Paul just before the first run
Caspers Premiere
One of Capsers timeslips

Engine is home

Our engine has finally arrived!

We put it in right a way to see if everything fits and almost everything is okay. The engine is going to the dyno next week so we have to get everything right in just a couple of days.

We will spend almost every day and a couple of nights in the garage from now on.

A huge thanks to Christian Sagelv and Christer Säfström for your help yesterday.

Engine is home

New T-Shirts

Our new T-shirts and Caps are now ordered. 
You can now order our new T-Shirts from our shop, go there and fill the web-form to the left. You then receive a confirmation email from us and as soon as we have all T-Shirts we will be able to start process all orders.
Inside your package you will find an invoice.

Until May 1 we have a discount on T-shirts and Caps.
The discount is €5/50kr on T-shirts and €2/20kr on Caps.
It’s Scott Bathurst from Classic Graphix who made our new logo and T-Shirt design and I hope that we have everything in about 4-6 weeks from now.

You will of course be able to buy t-shirts on the racetrack as well.
Price with discount:
T-Shirts 195kr or €21
Children T-Shirts 100kr or €11
Caps 165kr or €18



New T-Shirts
Our new Logo
New T-Shirts
Black T-Shirts
New T-Shirts
Blue T-Shirts
New T-Shirts
Black Caps

Hectic Week

Finally we have our new gearbox and clutch.

We have worked on the car every day this week and will continue working on the car every day for at least 2 more weeks.

Yesterday we received a bunch of stuff from USA that we must get on the car as soon as possible.

Today we worked on the housings around the gearbox, the stall on the gearbox is a bit longer then Malmgren’s so that had to be done.
We also have to put in a Shut-off system that is required this season in Pro Stock.
A to do list is made. We are taking one step at a time and doing things quite slowly to learn as much as we can in short time.

We will not race in Malmo 3-4 May instead we are going to Kjula the week after and our aim are to get the car run as we want, Bengt must drive his license and we have to work with our procedures.

This is going to be an exciting season for us and we are really happy for this opportunity, for all our followers and of course our awesome sponsors.

Hectic Week
Hectic Week
Hectic Week
Hectic Week

New Car for 2014

This season we are going to race in a new car, we have bought Michael Malmgren’s Pros Stock.
The car is in our new garage and work is in progress, gearbox, clutch and a bunch of other stuff are on the way over from US. Our new engine is going to be flown over from US in about a week.
Bengt is very excited about this and the whole team are really looking forward for the season to start.
It’s going to be a really hectic and fun summer, this is new for the all of us and we have a lot to learn.
The first weekend we are racing the car is at Malmo Raceway the first weekend of may, Michael Malmgren with team are going to with us all weekend.
Now it’s just getting everything ready for the season and it’s not just the Pro Stock, it’s the Camaro and Junior Dragster.
Casper’s Dragster has a new engine and the Camaro engine just got back from maintenance and were put in a couple a weeks ago.
With new car comes new logistic challenge, we have to buy another trailer that is much bigger because the Pro Stock I longer than our Camaro.
Last season we could be three people Bengt, Capser and Paul but that’s not going to work with a Pro Stock.
Bengt’s brother Lars is going with us and he works on the engine together with Bengt.
We have a couple of more new crew members with us this season.
Daniel is going to work on the clutch and gearbox and for a living he is a heavy mechanic.
Ela is working as a host for our sponsors and for a living she is working as a car painter.
Rasmus is Bengt’s oldest son and he is 13 years old and is going to handle all the sales at the racetrack.
More details about our crew will be published later.

New Car for 2014

Camaro is back together

After some well needed maintenance the Camaro is back together.
We have replaced a couple of parts and we have the same powers as we had in the beginning of the last season.
It’s going to be really fun this season and I hope that the weather god is with us all the way.
Now its spring and just a few weeks until the season starts.
Our next news will be BIG.

Camaro is back together
Camaro is back together

Season 2013

The season is over and it didn’t went as we hoped for. The car performed as it should but Bengt were on the wrong side this season.
Now we have to take apart the Camaro for some winter maintenance and the engine as usually can look forward to some upgrades.
We have quite big plans for next season and you will for sure see us more next year.

Season 2013
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